Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Shadow Of Your Smile - Sandpiper Lodge

Now let’s travel about 300 miles north of Anaheim, on good old Highway 99. Here we are in Merced, at the site of that cities newest motel, The Sandpiper. Not sure if the inspiration came from the Burton-Taylor film of the same name or was simply a wistful reference to the beautiful Pacific Ocean which was (and still is) only about 200 miles to the West.

The Sandpiper had rooms for the budget-conscious as well as luxurious suites for those better off. Each room was “…elegantly appointed and magnificently furnished and equipped with individually controlled heat and refrigeration.” There was a “…Bridal Suite, Conference Room, and Background Music”..? Phone RA 3-1034 to reserve your room.

Aahhhh…What a (non) difference 45 years can make. The Sandpiper still stands in most of its original livery, the pool is still heated, the parking lot had some fairly new cars parked in it and business appears to be OK. Only one thing I’m not sure of: do they still have Background Music?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bahia Motel - Beach Blvd

Sorry for the long gap between posts. Here we go:

Here’s the last word in luxury and convenience: ---The Bahia Motel---
This exotically-themed motel was located at 821 Beach Boulevard in Anaheim.

With thermostatically controlled heat, pool, kitchen units, adjacent restaurants and recreation room, the Bahia was a great place to stay when visiting Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Movieland Wax Museum and Marineland of the Pacific.

Things were looking good. Of course, that was in the early 60’s…

Now it’s the early 70’s and the foliage has matured. It’s still the Bahia and business is good.

Now we’re in the early 80’s and New Wave is all the rage. The Bahia is new too; it’s now the Razzmatazz…kinda catchy and ‘hip’ huh?

So 40 Summers have come and gone. Here we are at the now-Covered Wagon Motel in 2005. It looks like they removed most of the Palms and the other greenery. Still want to stay there?

Make sure to call ahead and make reservations!