Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tulare Dust

Once "The best cup of coffee on 99", Perry's Coffee Shop on Paige Avenue has seen some 40 years slip past it.

This ad from a 1965 Vacationland magazine served as a heads-up to those who travelled North or South on the 99 in route to Walt's little park in Anaheim:

Next door, the Tulare Inn soldiers on as a forlorn ambassador of a time that was...

Where was once a neatly kept lawn, only dried chaff remains on exhibit:

A refreshing pool now hosts only echoes from the past...

"The Tulare dust, in a farm boy's nose...wondering where the freight train goes.

Standin' in a field by the railroad track, cursin' the strap on my cotton sack.

I can see Mom and Dad with shoulders low, both of them pickin' on a double row.

They do it for a livin', because they must...that's life like it is in the Tulare Dust..."

---Merle Haggard---