Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bowling, Food & Motels - Ala La Habra, CA

Lest November pass without a post, I offer you a quick trip down to Southern California to check out a short stretch of Whittier Boulevard in La Habra.

Let's begin with a quick game of ten-pins at La Habra 300 Bowl. Here’s the Great Sign beckoning the community at large to pause for recreation:

The obligatory attached coffee shop (w/boomerang roofline of course):

After bowling, we’ll want to visit the 13th frame for some refreshment:

Inside the lounge, the interior is typically dark and relaxing…

Now, let’s have dinner at the charming little Chicken Box. I hear they have excellent broasted chicken:

After all that food, I’m tired…So let’s pick a place to bed down for the night. It’s either the La Habra Motel…

Or the trusty old Hyland:

How long has the Hyland been around you ask?

Well…Long enough to have a pre-Kodachrome postcard:

My apologies (as usual) for the infrequent posts.
Take care!!!