Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bowling in California

The bowling alley once played a much bigger role in the fabric of growing communities. Today, many of these great gathering spots are living out their final years, and I sincerely hope that the wrecking ball will continue to pass them by...

First up, it's Freeway Lanes on Golden State Blvd (old Hwy 99) just North of Selma:

Nice wall detail:

Restroom tile work circa 1958:

About 220 miles to the south, Palos Verdes Bowl remains in fine form and without bumpers if you please:

The locker room:

In Northern California, Monterey Lanes continues to offer safe haven to the occasional gutter-baller...

The entry driveway:

Interior ceiling panels:

Classic exterior patterns:

In Santa Fe Springs, we take a fond last look at Premier Lanes...Which closed in May, 2008. These pictures are from June, 2006 and I wish they weren't so washed-out.

Encore Room R.I.P.

I want some of these lockers in my hobby room (I also want a hobby room):

Last but not least, and still quite impressive in scope, here is wonderful Covina Bowl in West Covina...

The great sign:

Alas, The Egyptian Room is long gone, unfortunately...

See you next time!