Saturday, November 17, 2007

Milt's Coffee Shop

A really good coffee shop can be a godsend while travelling the miles of asphalt that are collectively known as Highway 99. Milt's Coffee Shop in Bakersfield, California is just such a place. Located at 5220 Olive Drive, Milt's has been serving delicious down-home delights since the early 60's.

The back of this mid-sixties postcard invited passers by to "See our collection of State Plates". I'm happy to report that, as of 2007, this collection is still in place.

Well, Milt's has seen a bit remodeling over the years. In fact, the original building has lost it's mid-century stylings altogether. Once inside it's doors, however, one is delighted to find a vintage interior that still sports both booth AND counter service in most of it's original livery.

I recommend the roast beef and mashed potatoes, topped off with a peanut butter milkshake. My whole family recently voted to make a stop at Milt's one of our family traditions when travelling to and from our hometown and the golden magnet that is Southern California...

Oh, but what happened to that wonderful sign you ask? Well, the good news is that the original sign was saved and now presides at the edge of the property, where Highway 99'ers can be properly lured into the cozy confines of good ol' Milt's.

Happy travels to all of you...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dad and John Through Time

One of my parents first homes was on Campus Way in Modesto, California. This was near Modesto Junior College where my father (and my brothers and I) would later graduate. My oldest brother John was only a few months old when his picture was snapped, held in the loving arms of our father Ed. The original shot was taken in late 1959. I revisted the old neighborhood in 2003 and found it largely unchanged. I was even able to locate the very place where my mother Karin must have stood when she took the original shot.

One of my goals when I came up with this blog was to present a rear-view mirror to the slowly fading past. As these pictures from yesterday fade and yellow, I believe that their place in time still exists as long as the memory remains in those who once passed them by. Keeping those we love alive after their passing is only possible when we permit ourselves the quiet times when reflection can bring us home.