Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kona Motel - Anaheim, CA

Back on the streets of Anaheim, here we find the Kona Motel located at 331 North Brookhurst Avenue. With its island-inspired sign and 'A' frame entrance, the Kona is a proud member of that now-fading fraternity known as the Tiki motel.

The Kona was born sometime in the late 50's, when the exotic feel of genuine Tiki was often invoked by restaurants and motels to add mystery and allure to the dining and lodging experiences of mid-century Americans.

Here's a postcard view of the Kona Motel when the paint was still fresh:

Though time has passed, the Kona remains a local fixture, if only in the hearts of those who call it home. Located near Brookhurst Junior High School and abutting Dad Miller Golf Course at its rear, the Kona maintains its island look as best it can.

And if you're staying by the night or even by the week, the kidney shaped pool is still available for a refreshing swim. You can even hang your trunks out to dry on the convenient clothesline.

For those of you clamoring for a close-up of the sign, here you go. Two concessions to Father Time are evident: the font used in 'MOTEL' is no longer island-ish(?) and I'm almost positive that live flame no longer emits from the torch that rises above the 'Kona' plaque. Still, this is a fine example of the apparently lost art of creative motel signage.