Sunday, March 25, 2007

Howard Johnson's Caravan Inn - Then And Now

Here's the pool area of the former Caravan Inn (now Arena Inn) in Anaheim. From a 60's postcard:

Now, here's the same view from June, 2006. There was a city warning on the pool gate regarding a violation of the health code.

That ladder on the second floor appears to have survived these past 40-odd years. A few of the balconies were filled in and the cool signage is long gone (anyone no anything about the ice rink located nearby?) There was once a coffee shop facing the pool and a cocktail lounge to boot.

This tired old inn appears to have slipped into monthly rental mode and looks ripe for the bulldozer...


Monkees!!! said...

Wow! This is a very interesting motel. I enjoy this stuff. But only alittle bit. Not like my Dad, "WalterWorks". He's so into this kind of thing. I'm Kelsey! Hiiiiiii!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I recall, it was Glacier Falls Ice Arena. The Restaurant was "Scotts Family Restaurant", later renamed, no less, "The Golden Toothpick"!?!
Once my mother got a salad at the aforementioned "establishment" with a small snail voyaging across the lettuce leaf near her sandwich. When she demanded restitution from the waiter he casually remarked.."oh, no worry - we don't charge extra for esargot!"

Seems apropos.
Glacier Falls was there for a long time - speedskating, figureskating & ice hockey. Does anyone remember it??

walterworld said...


Thanks for the info on the Glacier Falls Ice Arena and Golden Toothpick Restaurant.

It really adds a lot when people who were there 'fill in the blanks'.

And that story about your mom and the snail-salad says a lot about the decline of the place.

I think the Caravan was just a little too far away from the park to remain at full occupancy from tourists. So it began to cut corners and hastened it's own decline.

Thanks for reading...I promise to post again soon :)

Anonymous said...

wow...I cant believe this place is still standing.. Unfortunatley I was part of a family that had to rent from caravan monthly when I was lil @10 in the80's it was a dump then, it brings back horrible memories, bulldoze please!

walterworld said...

Hello Anonymous---

Sorry to hear about your experience at the Caravan when you were a kid, sounds like it was absolutely no-fun.

I drove by the motel a couple of months back when I was visiting Disneyland, and it looks like it's still in very rough shape; a bulldozer might be the only rememdy at this point.

Thanks for dropping by---

Cliff said...

My uncle owned the Caravan Inn from 1965-73. I spent my summers there during its heyday.

Anonymous said...

Back in the late 70's early 80's I lived very near this inn, it was full of prostitute's, drug addicts and the likes; only people who had no where to live stayed here, there were no tourists who ever stayed here. I have no idea what its like now.