Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Anaheim City Park / Pearson Park

Here's a 1957 postcard featuring the Water Lily Pond in Anaheim City Park. The young lady admiring the lilies is now over fifty years old. She must look quite different today. How about the pond itself?

Here we are in June, 2007. The City Park is now Pearson Park having had it's name changed by city resolution in April, 1960. Other than the name, things are much the same around the old pond. Even the river rock shoreline remains as it was; many of the individual rocks can be identified between the shots.

Stay tuned...We'll visit the former Fly Casting Pool at Anaheim's La Palma Park next time here on WalterWorld.


Victor Stapf said...

I used to live in an Apartment that was pretty close to Pearson Park and my high school (Loara) played their home football games at the Glover Stadium

walterworld said...

Small world indeed! Did you spend much time in the park when you lived nearby?

I had a pack of postcards from the 50's so I thought I'd see what was left. I was surprised to see that much was still intact.

Victor Stapf said...

No I only went back to that park one time after high school that I can remember.

Kira said...

I like this picture a lot... Did you take it? You did a really good job of taking it from the right angle. The little girl sitting there is cute.