Saturday, September 8, 2007

Noyo Harbor - Fort Bragg, California

Let's journey now to California's rugged North Coast...

Highway 1 skirts this beautiful area and crosses over the Noyo River Bridge near Fort Bragg.

Back in the 1950's, "Fishing is one of the main industries of the Fort Bragg area, and commercial fisherman, as well as sportsman, find this the most abundant locale in Northern California."

In May of 2007, Noyo Harbor is still a bustling place for those seeking adventure on the choppy seas just beyond the river's mouth. However, the most advertised industry now seems to be whale watching.

Comparing the two shots, it's clear that "new" construction has filled in a few of the gaps, but happily the harbor remains a charming backwater. The bridge was widened recently, and traded it's steel-girder frame for one of reinforced concrete.

This perspective is from the shoulder of the narrow road that winds down to the harbor.

The two story building located on the left side at the rivers edge, is Silver's At The Wharf, a comfortable watering hole where the food is equaled only by the friendly service. If you ever drop anchor in these parts, make sure you pay them a visit. I recommend the Noyo Fish Tacos and Silver's Dungeness Crab Cakes.

You can find them on the web at:


googiemel said...

I'm really loving your blog. I added it to my list of links on my blog. :)

walterworld said...

Thanks Googiemel! Glad you and a couple of other people in this world besides me find this stuff interesting.

To me it's as close to time travel as you can get. To stand where another photographer stood 40 or so years earlier and to think about what the place was like back then... You can almost put yourself back in that other time.

Take care---