Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Capri Motel - Modesto, California

Back in my hometown of Modesto, The Capri Motel was located at 602 McHenry Avenue.

From the back of the 1950's postcard:

"28 large comfortable units, individually heated and air conditioned. Wall-to-wall carpets. Free TV. Room Phones. Off the Highway - Quiet and restful."

The highway mentioned would be Highway 99, which in the 50's still rumbled through the heart of the old city via 9th Street. It would be at least 10 more years before the inevitable by-pass was constructed.

The Capri is looking sharp with its AAA approval and inviting pool, and a room reservation could be made by dialing LAmbert 4-7374. I'd like that second story room just to the right with the balcony...

I visited the Capri in late November, 2007. And I'm happy to report that the old place is looking well.

It's now an Economy Inn and features (from the phone book ad) "Luxurious Air Conditioned Guest Rooms With Desk In Every Room". It seems quaint that air-conditioning is still one of its boasts, as A/C is a rather common 'luxury' in this day and age.

You'll notice that they've built a fence around the pool. It amazes me how pools were left completely open in the old days. Of course, back then people didn't sue for everything like they do today.


Namowal said...

Nice to see another old building so well preserved. Good job at making sure the photo matches the angle of the postcard.

Synthetrix said...

Yep, California is the land of lawsuits, so you better keep those pools fenced in. My parents were so afraid that a kid from the neighborhood would go in our backyard and drown when they were not around that they padlocked their side gate to keep anyone from wandering in.