Friday, September 4, 2009

Greetings From Moab, UT - The Apache Motel & Other Scenic Sights

Let’s visit the friendly and beautiful Red-Rock city of Moab, located near Arches National Park in southern Utah. My family and I were lucky enough to spend some time here this past summer, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Here’s Main Street, back in the early 60’s:

And the same scene on a warm August afternoon in 2009:

Moab embraces its role as a hub for tourism and has many lodging choices to offer the weary traveler. A perfect example is the Apache Motel, which is:

Quiet off highway. Luxury 32 ultra modern units, TV, Pool, Playground, Air Cond. Delightful Restaurant. “Western Hospitality in the heart of the Canyonlands”

Tradition and value are honored at the Apache, where the large arrow-sign is still stuck firmly in the pavement out front.

According to the motel’s website, The DUKE stayed here…Wow!

The pool is still in good shape, and those old-style metal umbrellas are probably the same ones that shaded Mr. Wayne when he relaxed at poolside…

Signs on (and off) of Main Street direct traffic to the Apache, which is located on a quiet looking street away from the heart of town.

Even at night, the Apache beckons:

I’m sure that John Wayne loved neighboring Arches National Park and all of its scenic wonders, including Balancing Rock:

Landscape Arch as well...

If the Apache is all booked up, perhaps the Rustic Inn or the Virginian Motel have a room available:

The Best Western Canyonlands was home to my family and I during our stay, and we heartily recommend this excellent motel to anyone planning a visit. The beds were very comfortable and the breakfast was outstanding!

The modern Canyonlands motel is located at the corner of Center and Main. In former days, the Canyonlands Café shared the site with the older incarnation of the motel:

The old Café was bulldozed in the early 90’s, and today ‘Pasta Jays’ sits on the corner. It was always busy during our stay, and you could smell the garlic a block away.

If you get a chance to visit Arches National Park, make sure you hike down Park Avenue around Sunset…It was a truly sublime experience.

The Windows Section of the park is quite striking as well…

When we left Moab, our journey through the West continued through Castle Valley and Dead Horse Point State Park:

We made it ‘off-road’ to Goblin Valley also:

Then we proceeded to tour through Capital Reef NP and scenic Highway 12:

We finished the trip with stops at Bryce Canyon followed by Zion National Park…

It was quite a journey, and one that I would recommend to any of you who get the chance. It was the type of adventure that sticks in the old memory banks for quite awhile.

Oh, and if you get tired on the drive home, how about the Sands in St. George?

Take care and thanks for visiting…


Anonymous said...

Walter, thanks for the wonderful post. I discovered your blog from the "disneyland" group and I was afraid you were giving up, no post since May...thanks for your great perspective on roadside architecture!

I am an architect by trade and many of the sites you posted are familiar to me from my travels in the SJ Valley and the west. I am glad to see someone appreciating the exuberance of these buildings from an optimistic past.

I deeply appreciate your efforts, which have dampened my eye more than once, seeing a place my parents and I used to frequent.

Best regards to you!

Namowal said...

Nice post as usual, Walterworld.
It's nice to see that some of the motels have been so well maintained. So many motels succumb to either being torn down or "modernized" into blandness. I'm glad for these exceptions!

Raybies said...

Yeh Walter.
At last another post. I keep checking regularly. You need to take your family on more holidays.
very enjoyable.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Walter - I just discovered your blog because of the comments you left on mine (thanks so much for visiting, by the way!). I love what you have done here- I find your then and now comparisons VERY interesting- and especially because I have seen or visited many of the places you have featured. I LOVE stuff like this! I surely do hope that you might get back to posting some more in the future?? Either way, thank you for your interesting posts and pictures!

Susan Klopfer said...

Nice photos. This is one of my most favorite spots on earth.

walterworld said...

Thank you all for the nice comments :)

I promise to post again soon; I have lots of material, all about 1/2 complete...

Anonymous: What can I say? Glad you enjoy what I put out there! Indeed the architecture of 40-50 years ago bespeeks a better and more hopeful outlook than the drab offerings of today.

Namowal: Glad you're still stopping by, I sure enjoy the delightful cartooning on your site :)

Ray: Thanks for checking in, all the way from around the world! Let's meet at the (former) Pine Cone Inn sometime...

Heidi Ann: I'm a nostalgic person, can you tell? So glad you enjoy my (infrequent) posts. There's more to come, honest!

Susan: I agree with you, Central/Southern Utah is one of the most amazing places ANYWHERE ON EARTH, and one of my special places as well; we shall return again for sure. Thanks for visiting :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, little bro---I've been checking-out your site again. You are definitely Huell Howser's biggest future threat!!!!!----G

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walterworld said...

Yes B & B: These are all very wonderful and gigantic travel destinations with beautiful and diversified shaped mountains which are truly amazing and awesome.

Moreover, I WILL visit Virginia, especially the Shenandoah Valley where I must also see the very marvelous 'destination to visit' AKA Wood Ruff Inns (&?) Resorts. I'm sure it's the best place to spend my vacations, honey moons (do I get more than one?) and special holidays. Uh Huh. OK.


Raybies said...

Hi Walter
Loved your last post, although I am really disappointed that you didn't get a photo of you lying down at the bottom of the arrow at the Apache Motel,looking like you had been shot by a monstrous arrow.
Next time you go by please get that photo.

walterworld said...

Hah! Yer a funny man Ray ;)

I do hope to get back to Moab, and if so will get that picture for you :D

Thanks for stopping by!

Regions Beyond said...

Really great post and love the photos (both modern and vintage). Excellent text as well....great stuff.

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