Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Farewell Tagus Ranch…

I only recently learned of the sad demise of the Tagus Ranch Coffee Shop and Restaurant, along with the great sign that had been seen and wondered at by countless motorists winding along old Highway 99 over the past 55+ years:

Located just north of Tulare, CA Tagus Ranch played a big part in the social scene for thousands of locals in the farming and oil towns located in the southern end of California’s great central valley from the 1950’s until finally going dark sometime in the 1980’s (experts please chime in with exact dates---I would love to know).
Here are the last shots I ever snapped of the Sign and Gas Station ruins while driving by...back in July, 2013:

My thanks to all of you who've commented on my Tagus Ranch posts over the years, they seem to be a favorite.  I sure wish I could have visited Tagus Ranch ‘back in the day’…

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