Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frontier Motel, Anaheim, CA

Today we pay a brief visit to the Frontier Motel at 933 Harbor Blvd in Anaheim. The Frontier has been in operation since the late 50's, and retains a touch of its former livery even though the Old West in these parts has been largely tamed.

Located just over the Interstate 5 overpass from Disneyland, the Frontier is also close to the Anaheim Convention Center and Angel Stadium. As was typical in motel advertising then (and now), other places of interest within 30-45 miles are named such as Marineland, Hollywood and Knott's:

As first conceived, the Frontier featured an open-range pool that was convenient for drive or drop-ins, as well as some good humored joking among the younger set when one party received an undesired shove towards the cool blue waters.

Here's our peak into the past courtesy of a vintage postcard:

And here's the Frontier as we know and love it today:

Progress is progress as they say, and one of the sure signs of progress is the widening of roads to handle ever increasing vehicular traffic. Harbor Blvd was widened recently and some of the Frontier grounds had to be laid upon the altar of the automobile.

Here's all that's left of the former (heated) wading pool:

The rest of the pool is intact and looks fairly clean & clear, and the surrounding palms are much bigger now. The only thing missing are the guests splashing around and carrying on...

As I mentioned, some of the Western livery on the Old Frontier remains...

Bars have been added to the windows so that the Office can double as a jail for desperados, and you'll also note the survival of the 'Frontier' roof trim:

Actually, the roof trim looks kinda Swiss to me...But maybe the settlers who founded this place were from there?

Lastly, the Anaheim/Santa Barbara Resort-No really it's a great idea, just tile everything and make it mission-y-Conforming sign retains some of the Cowboy feel found on the original:

Well Pardner, that's about it.

Let's always be thankful to those hardy lodging industry pioneers who paved the way for us way back when, for without them we'd still be spending the night in our Town & Country station wagons and would not have the benefit of Single or Family Units, Kitchens or Free TV (not to mention thermostatically controlled heat).

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Namowal said...

I love Disneyland, but it really bugs me that they got so many wonderful signs replaced by slabs.
The one I miss most is the original Satellite Center (scroll down for the original). Everyday errands were just more fun with a twinkling sputnik thingy nearby!
Too bad the wading pool got iced. It was always an extra treat to find out a vacation pool was heated!
Merry Christmas (or happy Hanukkah) and thanks for maintaining this wonderful time capsule blog!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

A Christmas message from Richard on board the Viewliner Limited:

May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note
and make way for a fresh and bright new year.

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

jedblau said...

Great posting!

walterworld said...

Thanks all for your comments---

Namowal: The old Satellite sign was a total classic; to bad a picture of the sign is now considered more appropriate signage!

Jedblau: I hope to see you back to posting soon (and feeling well again)

Richard: Thanks for taking us on such great travels aboard the ultra-modern Viewliner...

Take care---

Anonymous said...

i have never stayed at this motel but my friends tell me its a good motel. i live in Los Angeles and this is my first trip to Anaheim Ca.