Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crown Motel - Anaheim, CA

Once located at 1136 North Los Angeles Street (U.S. Highway 101) in beautiful Anaheim California, the Crown Motel was built and opened sometime in the very late 40’s or early 50’s.

From the days of linen postcards, here is our vintage view:

On the reverse, it’s revealed that the Crown was fully modern, with full tile, glass door showers or tubs. Heck, they even had Panelray vented heat!

Besides being near good restaurants, the Crown Motel was located across from beautiful La Palma Park, which still exists…As does the Crown, except that it now resides at 1136 North La Palma Parkway:

Don’t worry, it wasn’t moved block by block to a new location, it’s just that some of the major street names in Anaheim have shifted over the years. Chris Jepson over at the OC Archives could explain it all; he authored a post on this phenomenon last year.

During your stay at the Crown, you will probably want to venture across the street to La Palma Park. In days past, the Valencia Orange Show was held on the future park site:

Here is a view of La Palma Park from 1948. To the far left and just above the second smaller road (Swan St.), the site where the future Crown Motel is to stand is a vacant lot:

Dating the age of the Crown can be difficult if you don’t have access to a reverse directory (the Anaheim Public Library is just under 350 miles from my house) or access to a time machine. This early 1950’s aerial shot clearly shows the Crown having arrived. Look just above the Fly Casting Pool at middle upper right:

Nowadays, perhaps you would like to check out the happenings at the Martin Recreation Center:

Or maybe practice your casting at the old Fly Casting Pool:

Then again, if fishing doesn’t float your boat, just turn around and behold the still-well-kept grounds of the Crown. Take a moment to admire the original condition of the facilities…

Remember when these metal awnings were everywhere? You don’t see them as much these days:

The sign post blends in well with the surrounding palm trees; it’s almost like the red Crown banner is floating free:

One final note: If you’re passing by and the Crown is flashing the ‘No Vacancy’ sign, truck up the street to the Palm Motor Lodge; just don’t try to swim in the pool...

Take care all, and see you down the road…


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great job of past/today reflections. Good to see you post again. Great fun.

Namowal said...

Love the time machine you've created!
It's also nice to see an older building in such good shape.

walterworld said...

Many thanks to both of you---Sorry I go MIA so often, really wish I could make myself update at least once a week.

I really appreciate you checking back and letting me know that you enjoyed your visit.

Namowal: This is indeed the closest I can get to time travel, and the enjoyment I get from putting these posts together is only exceeded by the sense of adventure and discovery that comes from the actual visit to the site itself.

Take care and I'll (hopefully) be back soon---

chris epting said...

This was a wonderful post--thank you!

chris epting

Barry said...

Seeing La Palma park was great! My best memory of this was being a freshman at Costa Mesa High School in May of 1962 (Gad, I''m getting old)and the Mustangs winning the CIF Baseball Championship. It was a very close game and I was out watching from right field. I arrived a bit late!

walterworld said...

Hello Barry---

I'm so glad that you paid a visit and enjoyed the info on La Palma Park.

Great to read your ballpark memory... It must have been a fun time to be a Freshman at that place and at that time! Hey: was the Fly Fishing Pond still in the Park at that time?

Have to say that I truly enjoyed the Grad Nite story that you shared over on Daveland. Memories like that truly last a lifetime.

Thanks for adding to the fun!

Take care---

outsidetheberm said...

Nice post! Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...


Lance said...

Well said Disa, well said...

walterworld said...

You are right Lance, Disa did indeed knock it out of the park with her comment.

Disa: Please elaborate further about your 'Kabuki' days at Melodyland Theater in Anaheim, and your subsequent residence at The Crown Motel, for all of us to savor.